Wavesport Habitat Kayak


Wavesport Habitat Kayak

Product Features

  • F.A.T. Whiteout outfitting, Padded adjustable rotomolded seat, Injection molded thigh-hooks
  • Adjustable hip pads, Ratchet-adjustable backband, Rotomolded seat and hull beam
  • Adjustable rotomolded bulkhead, 5 carry handles/attachment points, Exolar hyper-resin polyethylene
  • Plush thermoformed seat pad,Rotomolded seat and hull beam, Step out system
  • Molded-in drain plug, 1.4 deck

Product Description

Wave Sport Habitat Whitewater Kayak - Wave Sport Habitat Whitewater Kayak - Creeking is about a lot more than just getting from here to there. It's about exploring steep canyons that few paddlers have laid eyes on or scouting for the perfect line with your buds. And it's about making sure you all reach the take out in one piece. So you're gonna want to be wrapped in a boat that's solid, comfortable, responsive and safe. The Habitat is your boat! The displacement hull lets you land softly off large drops, while hard chines toward the stern of the hull give great edging, allowing you to make eddies and maneuver around obstacles. In addition to exhaustive work on the hull, a new rotomolded seat and hull beam add structural integrity as well as easy adjustability. With the plush thermoformed seat pad, thigh ratchet backband and the new injection molded thigh hooks you'll be able to connect with your kayak like never before. The bow pillar is also rotomolded plastic with three attachment points on the deck for strong structural stability and minimizing the possibility of the bow folding in the event of a pin. The pillar has a step-out system just in case you do need to get out of your boat during a pin, and five grab handles ready for anything. With new outfitting, strong safety features and innovative hull design, the Habitat is the boat of choice for excellent boat handling in extreme whitewater conditions. 

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Wavesport Habitat Kayak
Harmony Clearwater Kayak Cover Size 47 21 BLK
Harmony Clearwater Kayak Cover Size 47 21 BLK
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